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Preacher Collection Titans Mini-Figure Blind Box

Preacher Collection Titans Mini-Figure 


A little bit holy, a little bit demonic! Experience the word of Preacher with Titan Merchandise's series of Titan mini-figures based on the AMC show and DC Comics' Vertigo series of the same name. The Preacher Collection includes the Preacher himself, Jesse Custer; his homicidal girlfriend Tulip O'Hare; his best friend (and wayward Irish vampire) Cassidy; the forlorn Eugene "Arseface" Root; the relentless, not-to-be-trifled-with Saint of Killers and many more of the deeply-strange residents of Annville, Texas as seen in the show's first season! Ages 15 and up.

Each mini-figure measures approximately 3-inches and comes blind-boxed. There are even hidden chase figures for you to hunt and collect, including a super chase figure found 1 in 288 or the ultra chase figure 1 in 576! Who will you find?

The Preacher Collection Titans Mini-Figure 
Jesse Custer
Tulip O'hare
The Saint of Killers
Odin Quincannon
Jesse Custer (shirtsleeves version)
Tulip O'hare (Baptism outfit)
Cassidy (Blood-soaked version)
Preacher Collection Titans Mini-Figure Blind Box
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