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Hello and Welcome to Evil Amy’s Terror Shop,

We are Amy and Shawn Vink, husband and wife and co- founders of Evil Amy’s Terror Shop.

Shawn and I started Evil Amy’s Terror Shop because we both share a passion for anything and everything Horror and Halloween.

My dream for awhile has been to start a business sharing the things that I love, and with the support of my husband Shawn, my dreams have come true.

From a young age I started to watch horror movies during Halloween and that gave me this feeling of terror and love for everything scary. Once I became too old to Trick or Treat, I started spending time and money to decorate my parents yard with terrifying and scary Halloween items. Each year it has grown bigger and bigger and now it’s a haunted maze that people come annually to see what’s new. Just seeing how people have reacted to my work gives me joy and happiness and I wanted to start a business to continue to share my undying passion for anything and everything Horror and Halloween.

Shawn’s passion for horror started when he was 7 years old. His family lived in an old house that had the usual old house creaks. One night he crept down the hallway to the living room and viewed his parents watching the horror movie Leprechaun. Ever since that night, his interest in Horror and Halloween has grown.

We want to be your FINAL DESTINATION for Anything and Everything Horror and Halloween!!

Thank you,

-Amy and Shawn Vink



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